Golden Hour Rimrocks

I live in Billings, which boasts beautiful yellow sandstone rimrocks, the gorgeous Yellowstone River, and three oil refineries. For years multi-national and multi-state energy companies have polluted Billings with little or no consequence. As the city grows and modernizes, I can’t help but wonder what our future will look like here in Montana. My work represents both my hope and my fear. Hope that my local community will hold these incredibly wealthy companies responsible for the damage they cause and to make sure their deep pockets pour funds directly into the places they pollute. Fear that my community will continue to put profit over people, giving these fossil fuel companies free rein to damage our air, water, and soil until all that’s left is another superfund site in Montana. I’m choosing to look forward to hope, that our care and preservation of the stunning natural resources in Billings will continue to expand into the darkness the fossil fuel industry has left in our city.

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