Day 18 – Met a spider yesterday, a really nice one, she’s a web designer! Drum roll. Lol. Yup, today is about humor 🙂 I got annoyed with my husband last night and asked him to take the dog for a walk, make it a long walk, off a short pier 🙂 I laughed, he laughed and this morning we are still laughing about that. It was perfect timing. We could have gone the other way and gone from annoyance to argument but the laughter saved us. Comedians (I’m not one clearly 🙂 have made us laugh right at the moment where they enlighten us about something so absurd and sometimes awful about ourselves that it’s actually funny. We see it, we laugh, we can now change. Sending love to all the Comedians today- thank you for your important work. There’s another powerful Native American creation story about Grandmother Spider, she leads us into the next world. Google “Grandmother Spider”.

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