I just finished watching Nate Hagen’s youtube “Navigating the Human Predicament” HF podcast #6 and highly recommend it! It was validating to me because the article I had published with other Sunbury press authors about the arts leading the way to a healthier world is exactly what Mr. Hagens advocates!! Last night I drew this profile image blind contour with my eyes closed. It reads (written after drawing) “This is just a bad dream” and then “Everything is going to go back to normal”. I’m expressing the denial we all do to varying degrees in regard to all that is happening (pandemic, fires, etc). I’m calling upon all artists, everyone, to be the soul of these troubled times and be brave!! Create your art, send the message of change and courage, envision a more balanced and healthier world! Put it to paper, pen, whatever!! And Nate points out how taking care of ourselves is taking care of the world! Bravo!! Exactly what I’ve preached for years!! Thank you, Nate! Also, participate in @WNFE September art call: the Human Predicament. Thank you, Michele! Let’s be the world we want to create!

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