And yet it’s moving…

Manufacturers can endlessly toss the burden of non-sustainable, non-recyclable packaging to consumers so the problem goes away…that it’s not their problem!

I strung together colorful plastic packaging near our cloth Tibetan prayer flags as prayer flags asking manufacturers to take responsibility for their packaging. All the food these bags contained were organic and sustainably sourced. These are supposedly good companies that seem to care about the environment. But they pass on their non-recyclable packages to us, consumers. Please call, email, write the companies whose products you buy in such packages, and plead with them to consider alternatives like silicon, paper, and any other compostable bags. The solution is a huge challenge but we have brilliant minds who I know can develop a better way! When we put our minds to it, we can do anything that is important to us!! Think about it! We made it to the moon and we contemplate Mars…

I know we can choose to not buy these products. We’ve cut way back after this sobering year where I have stored every single non-recyclable bag and product we’ve purchased. It has made a huge impact on our choices. But sometimes I have no choice due to diet issues where I can only eat certain foods, and the pandemic has kept me away from bulk options.

Anyway, I could go on and on but it’s food for thought!

We reuse and repurpose these bags so that helps, too.

Thank you!

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