I shared the MAHB concerns about the human predicament: “the multiple cracks in our ecosystems, our fragile fantasy-based economic systems, our unjust agricultural and food systems, neglected public health systems, education systems too often consciously designed to reinforce ignorance, inequity, and greed—to name a few of the stressors.”

All these stressors are interacting. At the same time. Each stressor can worsen at any time and start an unpredictable chain reaction.

I realized the scope of our predicament two years ago and it definitely started a journey for me. Not an easy one: talking about the human predicament is complicated. People are either informed or not. If they are, and if they went over the grieving period, they are ready for action. If they are not, they usually do not wish to listen.

As an artist, I am looking for ways to address the complexity of the situation. How can I address this problem systemically, transversally, and not “in silo”? How might I make people understand that it is not “just” about biodiversity loss, or resource depletion, or water scarcity, or possible wars?

It is our relationship with the living world that needs to be changed. The relationship between humans, the relationship with other species, the relationship with the land, the water, and the air.

We are not at the center.

Are we going to watch the convergence of all the stressors? Or can we, humans, envision a convergence, move and work together towards “reducing the threat of a shattering collapse of civilization”?

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