Inner Change Online Exhibition

For better or for worse, the pandemic has shown us how interconnected our world is.
– How do you find comfort in a world that is falling apart in so many ways?
– What makes you feel deeply interconnected with others and with the natural world?
– How does a shift from a narrative of domination and accumulation to a narrative of respect and sobriety look like? 

Featured Artists



Using printed words in a mixed media collage/pencil contour drawing from a photograph of myself wearing sunglasses and a mask with a baseball cap on. I have needed to protect myself with loving care. Inner Change is represented by the butterfly and how I took words out of context from the SF newspaper to create hope in the midst of sad news. I used a photograph I took of a fritillary butterfly to represent rebirth. Behind me is a partial photo of social distance circles from above. The music, which is mostly cut out due to the size constraints, is copied backward and upside down from a piano composition by my husband, Brian, to represent how everything is being turned inside out and forcing us to rethink everything. From this crisis, we can begin again. And I believe the arts will express not only our emotional truths during this time but also lead the way towards healing of ourselves and our planet.
  • Marianne Bickett

Quarantine journal p.2-3 cultivation cycle

“As most of the world resides in lockdown, pollution in many cities has decreased, overall emissions are falling for the first time since WW2 and many people are picking up engaging, sustainable habits, such as gardening.” – Brittany Ganguly
  • Michalina W. Klasik

Convivialité / joie de vivre / nature

Premier picnic entre amis, après 2 mois de confinement dû à la pandémie. Retrouver le plaisir de la convivialité. Donner ce monde-là en héritage à nos enfants et faire le vœux pour les générations futures, que chacun puisse garder la connexion à la nature, qui va continuer à nous nourrir, si l’on accepte plus de frugalité, moins de surproduction, et de « pas tirer la nappe vers soi ». Pour cela les changements seront d’abord intérieurs.

The first picnic with friends, after 2 months of confinement due to the pandemic. Rediscover the pleasure of conviviality. Give this world as an inheritance to our children and make the vows for future generations, that everyone can keep the connection to nature, which will continue to nourish us, if we accept more frugality, less overproduction, and “not pull the tablecloth towards you”. For this, the changes will first be internal. The changes will first be inner changes.
  • Claude Benzrihem


Télescopages… De l’air!!!

Telescoping … Air!!!
  • Claude Benzrihem

Love Yourself

mixed media on paper, wax, burning, sewing, dyeing.
168cm x 100cm

  • Cynthia Fusillo


Digital photograph

In order to stay sane to face the collapse that has already begun, and to create a positive change, It is important to learn about the Human Predicament. Everything is deeply connected and one event can start a chain reaction that could lead to a systemic collapse. If we do nothing systemic collapse will happen, simply because our system cannot continue as it is. But knowing that it can happen, we can prepare and therefore we have a possibility to avoid it. Lucidity is key, not dangerous positivism.
  • Michele Guieu

Alone in a World on Fire

The technique is digital. I used a variety of filters and experimentations, something I love to do. I was looking for an image that would express the surreal times that we are in.

In regard to Brittany Ganguly’s article: As an artist, such things probably don’t affect me the way they do most others. I’m used to being alone most of the time. I’m curious about strange things that happen. As unmarked time blends days together, the hideous effects that the COVID-19 virus has had on the world population is shocking and sad… Like a bad movie or dream, you can awaken from. The world is being burned up by an unseen virus, making it difficult to deal with an enemy you can’t even see. Coping by creating is a way for me to deal with the stress.
  • Jennifer Spencer

The Healing Power of Nature
El Poder Curativo de la Naturaleza

  • Marcela Villaseñor


During these strange and difficult times, I’d like to share words from a mental health care professional, Brittany Ganguly, who discusses how essential it is to our humanity to “… acknowledge the PROCESS each of us will go through to adapt to the new changes…. Recognizing signs of distress, stress, anxiety, and depression is the first step in the process.” I have been working with ink on paper and canvas, in black and white, indoors and out, inviting feelings of uncertainty, sadness, grief, and worry to enter into my process. Seeing the beauty, the mystery, and the horror of our times generates energy for taking action.
  • Andie Thrams

L’Art du confinement #25 : Plastic Ocean

Musique : @jamesblake – Retrograde

Each night since the beginning of lockdown I was giving a light painting show to my neighborhood. This is a live digital animated painting on a building.

The plastic ocean begins in our brain! The continent of plastic generated by our behaviors and our ways of thinking is a danger. The ocean in danger: it’s you it’s me. By projecting bubbles and jellyfish, on the walls of the city, I show the imposing poetry of this vital lung of our atmosphere.
  • Ivan Sigg