Dryads of the Anthropocene series (painting in progress)

The 48” diameter tree stump in this painting is a life-scale representation of the typical size of mature Eastern White Pine, before colonial exploitation of “New World” forests. 

Depletion of natural resources is not just a 20th-21st Century issue. During the 17th and 18th centuries, mature white pines in the 13 Colonies were claimed by the Crown and reserved for building the British Royal Navy. Prior to their exploitation, it was common for white pines in the “New World” to reach heights of over 200 ft, diameters of 3-5 feet, with a lifespan of 200-450 years.

Pinus Strobus grown in timber plantations are usually harvested at 20-30 years old.
The pine tree stumps in the last photo were found while hiking along a power line trail in the Green Mountains of Vermont. Their size indicates between 40-60 years of age.

Seedlings planted today will not reach full maturity until 2220.

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