The MAHB Arts Community, through its webpages, has connected me to an active arts community worldwide that is concerned about the future of our planet. In particular, participating in the What’s Next for Earth art calls has been challenging and thought-provoking, and I’m always interested to see how others have interpreted the monthly theme. I encourage everyone to get involved. 

– Nancy D Lane, artist

I am glad that an organization like MAHB exists and grateful to have been included in some of their projects of What’s Next For Earth. Any platform that addresses the threats to our planet, caused by our behaviors and abuses, is much welcomed and needed today. 

– Cristian Pietrapiana, artist

It’s been wonderful participating in your art calls. Very rewarding and meaningful! My work is better because of it. 

– Quin de la Mer, artist

I look forward to each new challenge because it further pushes the boundaries of my thinking and challenges me to rethink my views. I’ve learned a great deal from her resources that she provides, further clarifying what each theme means. WNFE art calls nudge me to create in ways that may not be comfortable nor typical for me. I’ve really enjoyed exploring photography, for example, not my area of expertise at all. WNFE has given me an avenue of expression I don’t have right now. Through art, I can give voice to my experiences through the current crises of the pandemic and climate change. I am very grateful to Michele for creating the monthly art calls. It has been a life-line for me. WNFE’s vision is at the forefront of innovative thinking and I hope it continues a long time!

– Marianne Bickett, artist

I really do like watching all those videos and this project keeps me engaged in continual learning.

– Terri Hughes-Oelrich
on the Think Resilience Course

WNFE’s art calls have motivated me to address issues that I had not worked on before and that are that are crucial for our survival and the future of our planet

Marcela Villasenor, artist